I Am A Man With A St Tropez Tan

I Am A Man With A St Tropez Tan

I Am A Man With A St Tropez Tan

I Am A Man With A St Tropez Tan

Released: Jul 2010

Genre: Electronic / Experimental

Label: Hangman Ho Records

Rating 3.9/5


I Am A Man With a St Tropez Tan is the debut album from one of several projects created by Rick Senley. Within the first 20 seconds of listening, it becomes evident that Senley is a very inventive character, his music very much reflective of creativity, with its very experimental electronic style.

Although the album title may give little away, I Am A Man With A St Tropez Tan is certainly not an up-beat record. Several tracks, such as Get Off, I Will Kill You sound suitable for a sci-fi thriller, with eerie distorted vocal samples and an intruding rhythm. It then comes as little surprise that tracks from the debut record featured on the thriller Killer Bitch, featuring Alex Reid.

Throughout the record Senley alternates between a rhythmic and a bleak experimental style. Black Female creates a spaced atmosphere, abolishing any kind of structure and placing a strong focus on unearthly synths and string samples. The more bleak and stretched-out experimental tracks often take a progressive approach, slowly drawing the listener into the assortment of juxtaposed sounds – creating a very hostile and effective overall effect. With such an array of experimental samples, Senely’s project is comparable to the likes of Aphex Twin, demonstrating his ability to create a great range of electronic music.

I Am A Man With A St Tropez Tan is not strictly morbid and non-structural. Tracks such as Growl take a big-beat approach to electronic production; a Chemical Brothers style that could be appropriate for the dance floor, particularly suited to somewhere around the time of 5am. As a record, I Am A Man With A St Tropez Tan is very well produced. The general enigmatic and cinematic style results in a unique and very interesting listen, especially considering obvious financial restraints. Combining a range of electronic ideas, Rick Senley’s debut under this alias is an inspiring success.

~ Article by James Murray

Listen To: I Like Your Mouth, Homage, Ignorance Is No Defence

For Fans Of: Aphex Twin, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, AFX, Polygon Window