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Are you interested in writing for Sound-Revolution?

Writing for S-R could be a great opportunity, not only to strengthen your writing skills, but also to gain valuable experience in the field of music reviewing and research. If you have a flair for writing, music and/or journalism then please contact us via our general contact email address. We may ask for a sample piece of work, however there are no age restrictions, so if we think you’ve got potential then we’re happy to let you write for our homepage.

Sound-Revolution isn’t a huge scale website by any means, but it is a site that we believe has the potential to progress into a succesful project, with an ultimate aim to communicate with and entertain a worldwide audience that is as passionate about music as we are. Please don’t hesitate to contact us over any concerns, queries, opinions or feedback – all is greatly appreciated.

Sending Music In

In regard to promos: Sound-Revolution are always more than happy to receive new music from promoters and record labels. We especially support independent labels so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like some exposure. We try our best to cover everything we are sent, however, during busy periods it may take a while to get around to certain records. If you would like to send a hard copy, please send to the following address:

James Murray
12 Park Drive
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom