Cheese People Interview

Cheese People Interview

Cheese People


Date: May 09 2010

Genre: Electronic/Experimental/Acoustic

Label: Wow Now Records


Russian band, Cheese People have been ‘jamming’ since 2003. Following the release of their self-titled electronic release, and the more recent acoustic release, Well, Well, Well, Cheese People have made a great impact on Russian music. Their next target is to break-through internationally – and truly change the universale views of their countries music.

Other critics have compared Cheese People to the likes of Datarock, CSS and New Young Pony Club. The female fronted four-piece only released their debut album; Cheese People, in 2009 – and less than two years later we’re led to believe that Cheese People aren’t far away from a third release. To find out more, Sound-Revolution interviewed Russia’s favourite disco punk group:


Sound-Rev: What are the main influences behind Cheese People?

Cheese People: When we started, we were greatly influenced of mainstream stuff – like Prodigy, Jamiroquai, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, and others. Later, Anton and Olya started to work in a record store in Samara, and heard a lot of other different music – and nowadays we downloads tonnes of tracks from all over of the world… but we still like music of the 90’s – the music of that time when we touched strings at first time.

Last summer, when we decided to record the acoustic album, we listened to Soul Coughing’s CD “El Oso” – not sure if we call it an “influence”… But we are really proud, that Tchad Blake (who recorded “El Oso”) had mixed our record, “Well Well Well”. You know, it’s always great to “hold the hand” of a man, whose tracks you had liked – even if we never met him (we worked via internet).

Sound-Rev: What brought you to the decision to change your style of music, with the release of you recent acoustic album ‘Well, Well, Well’, – can we expect to hear more of the same with the next release?

Cheese People: Basicly we had never change our “style” – It better say we had found our own manner of song-writing and not we are touching different sounds. We had not worked a lot to record our non-electronic album “Well Well Well” – to be honest – almost all tracks was recorded during a 12-hours-long-jam, that happened in Moscow in September 2009. We just wanted to have this experience and play “real” instruments with our friends – but later, when we heard the record, we enjoyed it and decide to release it.

It’s quite hard to tell what kind of tracks we will release later: at this moment we work at

1) A hip-hop-song with Russian lyrics for local child charity project,

2) An experimental / electronic / avant garde soundtrack for an Austrian festival, that took place in December 2010.

3) New electo/dance songs (more equal to material from our debut).

4) A collaboration project with a Japanese post-rock band (completely unknown even in native country, but very talented guys). You see, we have much work to do – even if part of this project will be canceled, we will perform something completely new very soon

We would like to get back to electronic dance music and record a new groovy club album – but we would like to find a good co-producer for it. We have dozens demos of new songs already – and if we find a gold-mine in Samara and get some money to invite Teddybears or Dangermouse to our studio, we can finish it in a week! Unfortunately, there is no gold in Samara, and we are just lazy punks…

Sound-Rev: Can you tell us about some of your plans for the future? Would you consider touring in the UK?

Cheese People: We are always interested in shows outside of Russia – we will probably come to the UK sooner than you think. That’s why we always say to our listeners to share our songs with their friends – maybe this will help us to find a good booking-manager outside of Russia. We never planned to sell billions of CDs – but we love to travel a lot and have fun wherever we go.

Sound-Rev: What music are Cheese People enjoying listening to at the moment?

Cheese People: At THIS moment, we are sitting at the train station called Taiga (funny, yep?), waiting for a local train to Krasnoyarsk, where we will play this evening. We are little bit tired of touring in Siberia, so listen to the night trains, but, if you ask, here is a list of 5 records we love listening to recently:

White Pony “K Stomp” (2010)

I Monster “Neveroddoreven” (2003)

Tobacco “Maniac Meat» (2010)

Pink Punk “Zombie God Delicious” (2009)

School Of Seven Bells “Alpinisms” (2009)


~ Article by James Murray

Listen to: Wake Up, O.M.E, Ua-A-A!

For Fans of: Dead Disco, CSS, Datarock, The Prodigy, New Young Pony Club