The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Tomorrow Dies Today

The newest track to be released by 2011 pop sensation is Tomorrow Dies Today, the B-Side to The Body. In comparison to the A-side, Tomorrow Dies Today takes a slightly slower in tempo, yet equally uplifting approach. It seems the sound of TPOBPAH is becoming somewhat iconic – it’s impossible to mistake the soothing vocals of Kip Berman overlaying feel-good guitar patterns. TPOBPAH have definitely adopted the composition styles of their predecessors; as the retro style of Tomorrow Dies Today echoes memories of The Smiths and The Cure




Wolfette – Different Story

London based solo singer-songwriter Wolfette has been making her mark on the UK pop scene recently with the release of her latest single, Different Story. Wolfette creates straightforward no-nonsense pop music. Echoing the styles of recent successes such as Ellie Goulding and Ladyhawke – it’s quite possible that  Wolfette could find herself pushed straight into the limelight. Sooner rather than later the likes of Robyn and Ladyhawke may become her competition as well as her influencers.




Firesuite – Of Little Faith

Earlier this year Sheffield band Firesuite released their debut LP, You’re an Ocean Deep, My Brother. The opening track of this fantastic record is Of Little Faith, a fantastic alternative, progressive rock track that beautifully displays the vocal and instrumental capabilities of Firesuite. Although distinctively rock, what makes Of Little Faith such a stand-out track is its affinity to post-hardcore – the emotive vocals and rapid guitar riffs bringing back memories of greats such as YOURCODENAMIEIS:MILO and At The Drive-In.