The Good Natured - Skeleton EP

The Good Natured

Skeleton EP

Released: June 20 2011

Genre: Electronica / Pop

Label: Parlophone

Rating: 4.0/5


By: Diether Scholten

The Skeleton EP is three fast-paced electro-pop songs with thriving drums that pretty much anyone can relate to. To take this pumped-up mix filled with ingenious metaphors even further, Sarah McIntosh, the singer and front-woman of the band, has added a little gothic flavor to the table.

The first track on the EP by The Good Natured trio is the playfully named Skeleton, an ode to the core of every human being.  This resembles what is left-over when one takes away all emotions and appearance of a human. When everything is “ripped off”, as Sarah sings it, you are left with a skeleton – yet this is sung so happily that it seems weird that Sarah isn’t doing “the robot” in the music video. As for the instrumentals, George’s drumming is very clear and simple – yet they give the song such a distinctive rhythm.

You might have guessed that the second song, Hourglass, is about time – it’s more profound, concerning time slipping away and extracting the good moments from life. Presumably Sarah is having a good time with somebody – but that will only last for an hour. The lyrics describe this situation in a very gothic manner. Both instrumentally and vocally Hourglass is a great song – sounding as if the instruments are having a conversation with each other. The only down-side to this song is that the chorus might be just a little bit too cheerful, and this contradicts the melancholic mood of the lyrics.

The third track, Wolves describes a pack of wolves “dancing in the fire” and being “lost in desire”.  Even the drums and the bass seem to captivate you overwhelmingly, as you feel as though anything could happen. After listening to this song a couple of times it evokes images of people dancing and jumping over a fire.

Sarah’s great accent and use of timing combined with George’ and Hamish’ instrumentals makes for a very catchy trio. These are the kind of songs which you don’t mind being stuck in your head for a while – so why not let the Skeleton EP run right through your bones?

The Good Natured – Wolves