Tyrannosaurus Alan – S.T.B (feat. Jak Brown)

After a hard year of touring, Tyrannosaurus Alan have just unleashed their first new song since their debut album Campaign released last year. S.T.B sounds like the Medway act’s usual aggressive ska punk, debatably their best track yet, filled with some great horn parts, shout along chorus, and some brilliant guest vocals from Claypigeon’s Jak Brown. This is only the first taster from the band’s next album, if more songs as good as this is what we can expect then they are set to release something pretty special. S.T.B is out now via their bandcamp page as pay what you want.


The Felice Brothers – Fire at the Pageant

Fire at the Pageant is the latest single from New York folk rock band The Felice Brothers. This messy track on first listen makes you slightly question the acts musical ability, the song structure and instrumentation appear to be a bit all over the place, but once the song ends it leaves you wanting more. The addictive chorus makes you want to put the song on repeat. Sometimes a messy sounding track can lead to being a fantastic track.


The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Like A Shotgun

US ska punk legends The Mighty Mighty Bosstones return once again with a brand new album The Magic of Youth. First single is the enjoyable Like A Shotgun, sounding just like classic Bosstones, the song is just as catchy as The Impression That I Get, get your dancing shoes on and get listening. Like A Shotgun is available to download now, with the new album coming out early December.

The Flatliners - Cavalcade

The Flatliners - Cavalcade

The Flatliners


Released: Apr 13 2010

Genre: Punk Rock / Ska Punk

Label: Fat Wreck Chords

Rating: 3.7/5


The four horsemen of the rock apocalypse return to the studio to bring us the follow up to ‘The Great Awake’.

The Great Awake, following the heavily ska-punk influenced Destroy to Create brought fans a rather extreme change in style — moving on notably from their earliest material. Cavalcade once again brings a change in style, however, on a much lower scale in comparison to the transition between the first and second albums. Cavalcade keeps the punchy riffs and up-beat memorable songs such as Meanwhile In Hell… and July! August! Reno! that The Great Awake offered, but takes these songs and transforms them into even more distinguishable tracks, packed full of energy.

The Calming Collection, Bleed and Filthy Habits all showcase powerful riffs and an improvement in song writing. Most notably, Here Comes Treble presents a track that begins softly, before erupting into one of the most intense songs on the album. Such a transition within a song really creates a burst of liveliness; allowing the listener to fantasize about an epic concert in a grungy packed out venue. He Was a Jazzman presents a real juxtaposition in style; but perhaps sensibly chosen after the placement of the preceding track. Similarly to This Respirator from The Great Awake, He Was A Jazzman acts as a return to roots track; demonstrating the bands ability to create a true ska-punk song — holding on to their foundations despite a change in style.

As a record, Cavalcade is an improvement in terms of creating captivating music. Cresswell has clearly discovered how he can use diversity in his vocals to create tracks that capture the listener. The sharp transitions between melodic and raw vocals create an aura of impulsive energy that really makes this album so solid in substance. For the punk rock fan, the open-minded listener or the earlier Flatliners fan, Cavalcade is once again a move in a positive direction, with even more added vigour.

~ Article by James Murray

Listen to: Here Comes Treble, Filthy Habits, Bleed

For Fans of: Smoke or Fire, Dead to Me, The Fad, A Wilhelm Scream

Rebel Alliance Recordings

Rebel Alliance Recordings

Rebel Alliance Tour 2010

Venue: The Cockpit

Location: Leeds

Date: Feb 16 2010

Label: Rebel Alliance

Rating: 4.4/5


Rebel Alliance Recordings is run by Manchester ska punk group Sonic Boom Six. The label, excluding SB6, now has four bands signed up following the signing of new London based reggae band, The Skints. The Rebel Alliance tour featured Random Hand, Mouthwash and Chris Murray as well as The Skints.

Chris Murray opened the gig alongside two members of The Skints, hence the stage name Chris Murray and Friends. The Canadian born musician was a fitting opener to the show, offering a slice of feel-good ska and reggae to get the crowd moving. Mouthwash were the second band to take to the stage, and they certainly offered a more punk-orientated display. The south London five piece created a high energy set, bringing the small venue to life. In their fifteenth year together, it was clear that the ska-punk outfit knew how to structure an energetic performance; with tracks such as That Girl breaking up the more up-beat tracks.

The third band to take to the stage were reggae band, The Skints. With the recent release of their debut album; Live.Build.Breathe.Believe, it was evident that The Skints were what a large proportion of the crowd had come to see. As always, The Skints put on a top class show, blending in and out of songs immaculately to keep the crowd moving right until the end of the set. On top of showcasing the songs from the bands new album, demonstrations of one or two new songs sounded very promising.

The headliners for the night, understandably, were Leeds based (or close enough) Random Hand. The ska-punk four piece weren’t about to let energy levels fall for their headlining set, demanding circle pits and even a wall of death for the final song, perhaps not overly suitable for the small venue, but good fun all the less. The band played a range of songs including the single, Anger Management and The Right Reasons.

For £8 entry, not only did the Rebel Alliance Tour offer four great bands, but also great value for money. Sonic Boom Six have a wealth of talent behind their record label, from a bunch of bands who clearly care about the music and the people.

~ Article by James Murray