Schnapps - Nasty Buffet


Nasty Buffet

Released: June 6 2011

Genre: Grunge / Pop

Label: El Rancho

Rating: 2.5/5


By: Terri O’Reilly

The grungy, indie, loud playing, perhaps borderline miscreants with that ever so faint hint of rambunctious Scottish attitude (that can, letʼs be honest, make any girl swoon) are all elements that pertain to the Glaswegian four-piece Schnapps.

Their debut album Nasty Buffet, is one of nostalgic early 90s garage grunge with some interesting elements that make it new and relevant to this decade – It is very much looking into the present, only just slightly relying on the past.

With only nine tracks and clocking at just under half an hour one would think that Nasty Buffet would commence with a strong, semi-captivating song; yet that is not the fact. Though More To Life Than Peach has a vintage feel to it and has an extremely laid back quality, it doesnʼt grip as eagerly as Crossdresser — even the title makes one curious, to say the least.

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” weʼve all heard that quotable rhyme. Ice Cream, the second track is only bearable in part because of the outstanding guitar that explodes mid song. The lyrics fall flat and have been overdone “when it all gets too much, I gotta scream” and replacing actual words with spelling “i-c-e-c-r…” is never a good thing -it just seems incredibly uncreative as a whole.

Continuing on this unfortunate trail is Walk Faster, although the cow bell at the beginning is quite an interesting twist. The garage grunge style of Crossdresser, clearly defines the groupʼs talent as well as No Contact, notably the albumʼs single. Here is where we find what it is that people have been raving about. A definite change from the aforementioned tracks, the only point (and this would be nitpicking) would be length, that’s never too much of a good thing.

Nasty Buffet ends with Schnapps, which commences with a ferocious electric guitar, which has now come to be the staple ingredient throughout the album and really keeps true to that vintage/old school feel. With their no holds barred attitude Schnapps are a  band likely to go far.

Schnapps – Crossdresser