Sarabeth Tucek - Get Well Soon

Sarabeth Tucek - Get Well Soon

Sarabeth Tucek

Get Well Soon

Released: April 11 2011

Genre: Acoustic / Folk

Label: Sonic Cathedral

Rating: 4.5/5


By: Alexandra Lyon

Sarabeth Tucek, originally from Miami, never intended to be a singer or songwriter. In fact, it was her dream to follow a career in acting, and it was only after meeting Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre that she decided to learn the guitar and to sing professionally. Not everyone would agree, but I’m glad that she made that choice.

Her latest album is everything you could ask for if you want heartfelt, raw honesty and beautiful folk melodies. At first glance, it could be mistaken for just another album by a woman with a guitar, writing about lakes and grass – this however couldn’t be further from the truth. Tucek’s song-writing abilities are near faultless, and her lyrics are just as imaginative as the ones composed for her early EPs. In some tracks, notably “Things Left Behind”, her voice is reminiscent of the eccentric Canadian singer Joni Mitchell. This tone causes the album to be terribly intriguing from start to finish.

The acoustic nature of this album is very relaxing. Tucek’s voice, her guitar and the slow beat of a drum kit in the background make for perfect easy-listening. The first track is a relatively short one, almost like the prologue of a book. Clever, really, as the album is written in an almost story-like fashion. The last track on the album, and indeed the title track, is almost like a ‘note-to-self’. “Get Well Soon” is vocally stunning; the lyrics are odd, for example she begs “Please, don’t cut my trees..”. In context, however, we can see that she’s more likely talking in general about things being taken away from her. It’s far from upbeat, but the melody and the finger-picking of the ever prominent guitar make for a lovely track.

Others to look out for are “State I Am In”, which sounds in places by Sheryl Crow’s infamous “The First Cut Is The Deepest”, and “Smile For No-One”. All of the songs deserve to be noticed but these are the two that really stand out vocally. The only song that didn’t really catch my attention was “At The Bar”, as it doesn’t really differ from any of the other tracks, and it was fairly slow in it’s progression. However, it is refreshing to be able to picture what someone’s life may look like through words and chords, and this is certainly the case when the all 12 tracks run fluidly through 44 glorious minutes of a broken heart.

Sarabeth has proved “Get Well Soon” that she is an artist to be contended with. Most folk/acoustic fans would agree that “Get Well Soon” is a highly enjoyable album, and will look forward to hearing her next release – although whether she’ll manage to compose something equally as good in the future is questionable.

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