Slow Down, Molasses - Walk Into The Sea

Slow Down, Molasses

Walk into the Sea

Released: Mar 15 2011

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Label: Little Pictures

Rating: 3/5


By: Dan Titcombe

Slow Down, Molasses are an alternative/indie band that share a similar sound to ‘Snow Patrol’ so if you like them the chances are that you will love Slow Down, Molasses. Little Pictures released their album Walk into the Sea on March, 15 2011 and as mentioned before if you like the style of music that Snow Patrol give it is worth giving these guys ago!

There are a couple of great tracks on this album but the stand out track is ‘Late Night Radio’, the song starts with a rhythmic guitar and drum beat (the kind that would get your blood pumping and you up and moving). The song breaks down halfway through to give of an almost atmospheric feeling of suspense, and when the song finally does pick up again it grants a great ending to an amazing song. This track is also available for a free download and is definitely worth listening to, in order to help form a good opinion of the band, so what are you waiting for?

The opening song on the album is titled; ‘Sometimes We All Fall Apart’, this song offers an overall feeling of what to expect from these guys, the song starts off slow paced and almost depressing accompanied by beautiful lyrics but it does build up and blend seamlessly into the next song.

These are both two very different songs from the band that portrayed completely different emotions whilst keeping the same style that represents the band and to be able to do this they must have a lot of talent, so if you like the kind of rhythmic styling’s those similar to ‘Snow Patrol’ this band could be one for you!

Slow Down, Molasses – We All Fall Apart