Astrid Williamson - Pulse

Astrid Williamson


Released: Aug 22 2011

Genre: Alternative / Pop

Label: One Little Indian

Rating: 4.0/5 


By: Dan Titcombe

Pulse by Astrid Williamson is an album that creates a unique atmosphere that is quite indescribable yet captivating. If you think Dido meets Florence and the Machine you won’t be far off.

It has to be said that this type of music may not be for everybody (but that can be said about any artist) and there are a few tracks on this album that seem a bit anti-climatic but that is nit-picking – the majority of this album is brilliant.

There are a lot of tracks that stand out on this album; Dance, Pour, Miracle and Paperback to name a few. Each track offers a different and unique listening experience, but if you could only listen to one track from this album it would have to be Husk.

Husk has so much emotion interweaved into its composition – with an on-going piano pattern in the background. Everything about Husk makes it a perfect single choice.

Another song that should be mentioned is the album titled track, Pulse which sets the mood straight away with a soft guitar riff and steady drum beat. When Astrid starts to sing you are straight away transported to a place that’s so euphoric you can’t help but become indulged, as she sings about a young where her emotions truly shine through.

Overall, Astrid Williamson is a unique and enchanting artist. Pulse is definitely worth a listen. You’ll either love it or hate it – but if you love it you’ll be blown away.

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