Mat Gibson - Forest Fire

Mat Gibson

Forest Fire

Released: Oct 3rd 2011

Genre: Folk/Country

Label: Clubhouse Records

Rating: 4.4/5


By: Dan Titcombe

Mat Gibson’s album; Forest Fire is a 7 track LP which offers a beautiful and
relaxing dose of folk music.

Every track on this album is worth a listen – but if you only had time to listen to a
few here’s in my opinion the top 3 songs from the album.

The first track on the album; ‘Lord Only Knows’ really displays Mat’s passion
for his music and adept skill with his acoustic guitar – as Mat sings about not
worrying about a problem that can’t be changed. ‘Lord Only Knows‘ is a relatable
track which gives you an instant connection to this Mat Gibson.

The self titled track; ‘Forest Fire’ is a highlight as Mat spills his heart and soul into
the vocals which truly evoke some emotion and combined with his guitar and
other various percussion instruments this song is given real character and spirit.

Where Demons Go’ is the last song on the album and what a song to end on. This
track a little more rock-orientated than the other tracks on the album, it has a
real lets-get-up-and-do-something attitude about it. Mat Gibson is obviously
using a semi-acoustic guitar to create this type of atmosphere – starting off soft
and gradually building up until the electric side kicks in and the song just stands
up and flaunts.

If you like Johnny Cash, City and Colour or even White Snake you will love Mat
Gibson, Forest Fire could be the album of his career so far!

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