The Brains - Drunk Not Dead

The Brains

Drunk Not Dead

Released: Nov 14 2011

Genre: Psychobilly

Label: Stomp Records

Rating: 2.5/5


By: Chris Fishlock

The Brains, hailing from Canada, bring us a mixture of horror-tinged punk and psychobilly – sounding somewhere in between the classic tracks of horror punk icons The Misfits and the recent psychobilly sounds of Australia’s The Living End. Within the half hour run time of Drunk Not Dead, The Brains take us through a fast 13 songs without giving us time to breathe, with no songs even reaching the three minute mark.

Sadly, despite having established their own unique sound they don’t experiment away from this sound at all, keeping the same song formula for every track, making it a bit tiring by the end of the album. The album is full of great chanting chorus’ bringing you back to the days when The Misfits wrote some of their best punk songs, along with a thumping double bass line in every song giving it that psychobilly tinge, as well as the occasional enjoyable rockabilly style guitar playing. It’s a good song structure and style but with it being the same for every single track it gives you the feel of listening to the same song with different lyrics over and over, despite the album including some great punk tracks (‘6 Rounds’ and ‘Take What I Want’ are particular highlights) this weakens the album a great deal.

Drunk Not Dead is far from special, but they have at least mastered their own sound, fans of the psychobilly genre will most likely enjoy this a decent amount but the album and welcome a fresh new act to the psychobilly scene but the album will unlikely impressive any other music fans, being unable to bring them much of a wider audience.

The Brains – 6 Rounds