Mint Julep – Why Don’t We

Ahead of debut album Save Your Season, released later this month, Mint Julep have released a single that once again showcases the extraordinary talent this husband-and-wife collection possess. The vocals of Hollie Kenniff are ideal for pop – in Why Don’t We, despite a fairly minimal composition, Kenniff’s vocals almost solely build up a crescendo. Following on from the brilliant Aviary, the release of debut album Save Your Season could quite easily shortlist Mint Julep for many ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’ awards.


Bastille – Laura Palmer

Continuing with the pop trend, the success of Flaws seems to have motivated Bastille to produce another collection of epic indie-dance, in the form of the Laura Palmer EP. It will surely be passed aside by the ostentatious; but if you look beyond the routine lyrics, Bastille have in fact mastered the art of captivating pop production – and even more impressively, without the backing of the 4×4, 130bpm beat that seems to be the obligatory adhesive for 99% of todays chart music.


Swimming – Neutron Wireless Crystal 

The second single from Nottingham-based Swimming is the euphoric Neutron Wireless Crystal. Not the freshest track selection by any means, but this is worth digging back up, as such impressive use of synths and hectic instrumentals aren’t offered anywhere near enough from bands and artists from the UK. Neutron Wireless Crystal sounds like a melancholy Late of the Pier – the instrumental depth and electronical layering is there, but the vocals bring this record back down to earth a notch.