Born Blonde – Radio Bliss

Set for release later this month, Radio Bliss by London alternative rock outfit Born Blonde takes a step back from the huge influx of incessantly quirky, avant-garde bands that are taking over the new music scene. Radio Bliss is relaxed indie-rock, comparable to a more subdued Doves. It might not be far-out or ground breaking, but it is well composed, and very much listenable rock music.

Polinski – Still

Paul Wolinski, programmer of 65daysofstatic has started his new project – ingeniously named Polinski. It strays away from the 65daysofstatic sound a fair bit, this is flat-out electronica, and it’s impressive, to say the least. At a total length of seven minutes, there’s plenty of time to cherish this euphoric dance music production. The album Labyrinths is set for release on October 31.

Mat Gibson – Yonder Burning Trees

Acoustic artist Mat Gibson flourishes in the beautiful Yonder Burning Trees, out now on his latest LP Forest Fire. Yonder Burning Trees is minimal and sparse – which perfectly showcases Gibson’s musicianship. Percussion isn’t a major feature on any of Gibson’s compositions, and Yonder Burning Trees focuses on emotive vocals, acoustic guitar and a floor tom, which combine to create an astral result.