dEUS - Keep You Close

Artist: dEUS

Album Title: Keep You Close

Released: September 9th 2011

Genre: Alternative Rock

Label: Play It Again Sam

Rating: 4.3/5


By: Dan Titcombe

Alternative Rockers dEUS, with their use of percussion and rhythm sections on top of their wide-range of instruments offer a captivating and unique record – with a selection of tracks that suggest this is a record that could stay at the top of the pile for some time.

Keep You Close is the name of their new album and also the title of one of the stands out tracks. With its catchy hooks and lyrics ‘Keep You Close’ has the capability of remaining lodged in your head for hours. The track starts of slow but builds up to a chorus which really epitomises the sound that dEUS have tried so hard to create.

The next stand-out track of the record, ‘Dark Sets In’, hits you immediately – with an infectious bass line and drum beat that captures the true emotion of the song as it progresses. At times dEUS echo a Foo Fighters style (especially vocally) which is never a drawback.

Easy’, is the final track the album and it offers something completely different compared to the rest of the LP. ‘Easy’ has a slower tempo and creates an atmosphere which has to be the definition of relaxing; but as the song progresses the tone adopts a vengeful persona – displaying diversity with guitar riffs comparable to ones used by Supergroup ‘A Perfect Circle’.