Ane Brun – Worship (Feat Jose Gonzalez)

Two of the most charismatic voices in acoustic music team up entrancingly in Worship, taken from the forthcoming record ‘It All Starts With One’. The alternating male/female vocals of Ane Brun and Jose Gonzalez coincide with each other perfectly; and despite the repetitive introductory vocals, Brun’s vocals in the opening verse display her exceptional talent.

We Are Augustines – Book of James

Rise Ye Sunken Ships, the forthcoming album is some way off its March 2010 release date, but Book of James, released November 7 gives us an intriguing early insight into the album. Labelled Mary Anne Hobbs ‘Record of the Week’ the brainchild of Brooklyn-based musicians BillyMcCarthy and Eric Sanderson is shaping up to be a successful project. Touring with Glasvegas this month won’t damage their profile, and by March next year plenty will be eagerly anticipating the release of Rise Ye Sunken Ships.


Convaire – The New You

Why is it Australians are so brilliant at producing uplifting indie-dance records? The Presets, Cut Copy, Empire of the Sun, the list goes on – and now there’s another to add to that list of colourful artists – Convaire. The New You layers memorable vocals with simple drums and an abstract synth pattern to create a sound both original and captivating. The track will feature on their forthcoming debut EP of the same name.