Forest Fire - Staring at the X

Forest Fire

Staring at the X

Released: Oct 17 2011

Genre: Indie Pop

Label: FatCat Records

Rating: 4.8/5


By: Daniel Titcombe

Forest Fire with their album Staring at the X produce a psychedelic sound that would get one reminiscing about the 80s. They produce the same kind of atmosphere that you would expect from many artists of that decade.

Born To’ is the first song on the album and truly displays the kind of atmosphere I have mentioned. With the aid of a good rhythm and a laid back voice from the vocalist, this track is a good start to the LP.

‘Staring At The X’, the song the album is named after, starts with a chilled back acoustic guitar with a slow tempo, a slow drum beat and some atmospheric noises that would relax anybody after a hard day at work.

‘Mtns and Mtns’ has to be one of the stronger tracks on this album. It’s truly unique – and you can really sense the passion and emotions that the band is trying to evoke throughout the song.

Forest Fire are a real chilled back and relaxing band to listen to. There are many bands that have obviously influenced these guys; but they have taken that and crafted it in to their own.

This album is definitely worth a listen, but if you only have time for one song then listen to ‘Mtns and Mtns’ and you will be hooked – truly magnificent!

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