Braille - A Meaning


A Meaning

Released: Sept 12 2011

Genre: House

Label: Hotflush Recordings

Rating: 4.0/5


By: James Bishop

Praveen Sharma, a.k.a Braille and one half of Sepalcure has certainly been making waves in the world of electronic music over the past year.

As part of Sepalcure, he and Travis Stewart (Machinedrum) have released two acclaimed EP’s on Hotflush, cementing their place among the big players in the bass market, while the duo have just announced they are to release a full album on the label later this year.

Under his Braille moniker, Sharma has gone down more of a house route, while still taking inspiration from the woozy tones of Sepalcure.

His first solo release, The Year 3000, released on Rush Hour in April laid the foundations for A Meaning, combining on-point production with warm textures and manipulated vocal samples to create two soulful house tracks.

The four tracks on A Meaning all still have a warm glow to them and are satisfyingly bubbly and danceable, something that seems to becoming a recent trend, with Hotflush label boss Scuba also taking much more of dancefloor friendly approach with his forthcoming Adrenalin EP.

A Meaning begins with the title track opening slowly with a series of drum kicks before descending into a dark, driven beat, complemented nicely by a chopped up vocal sample.

Riverbed is more of an up-tempo number, full of off-beat tribal sounding drums that make way midway through the track to allow the wirey beat to flourish.

Breakup continues where Riverbed left off with plenty more punchy drum work in a more emotive track (as the title suggests), while final cut Chain Gang is another pacey affair that has a rising bassline in amongst plenty of clicks and glitches, proving Sharma has plenty of strings to his bow, and rounding off an excellent debut EP on Hotflush nicely.

Braille – A Meaning