By: Alexandra Lyon

On the weekend of September 3rd hundreds of music fans from all around Doncaster gathered in the Market Place, for one of the town’s most popular events. Doncaster Live, a free event, is hosted by the council each year to showcase new local talent and give the people of Doncaster a brilliant few days.

Among the acts were Playground Mafia, Summerlin, Stone Ugly and MC Stereos to name a few. Co-headlining on the Saturday night were The Beaus. These talented boys all grew up in Doncaster, and really show that Doncaster has people to be proud of. Consisting of Doya Beardmore on guitar and vocals, Daniel Nicklin on bass, and Mitchell Fenn on the drums, I caught up with Doya and Daniel to ask a few questions.

Doya Beardmore // The Beaus @ Doncaster Live

Where did you initially meet, and whose idea was it to form a band?

Daniel: We’ve known each other since we were sort of, five, or something? So…
Doya: Yeah, we’ve always been messing about with tunes and that. We like loads of bands, and we got together with Mitchell and just started doing it properly. But yeah, we’ve known each other since we were five.

Did you find it difficult to get started and get noticed around Doncaster?

Doya: No, the other way round really. We did our first gig in Doncaster and for some reason everyone turned up. We had a different singer then, and it wasn’t that good basically. So, everyone just seemed to know from the off and then we sort of had to get good while everybody waited.
Daniel: That was the most awful gig!
Doya: Haha, yeah. But we’re good now, so it’s alright.

How long have you been playing together?

Daniel: What is it now?
Doya: Four years? Yeah, four years. A lot of grafting, and loads of rubbish gigs!

Have there been any particular high points or low points in your careers so far?

Daniel: We once played, you know the King Blues?
Doya: .. Yeah, this is a low point –
Daniel: We played in Manchester two years ago now and something happened with the promoters, basically. The King Blues fell out with the promoters and to tried to do them over, they put us on after them so that we were headlining. And it was a small place, they brought about 150 people. They played, then as soon as they were finished everyone just went, so we had to play to an empty room.
Doya: Yeah, only one man stayed.

You were one of the headliners for Doncaster Live this year, how do you like playing in Doncaster compared to in other places?

Daniel: Well, this is the first time we’ve played in Donny for about two years. So it was nice to play this one, like after all this time when some people you know come down and see you. We don’t play here often, but tonight’s been good, yeah.
Doya: We were gonna play last year, same slot, but we got into a bit of a dilemma in Newcastle and he got a nice punch to his jaw. So we couldn’t exactly play. We were a bit out of it!

The Beaus – All’s Well That Ends Well

Are you playing any more gigs this year? If not, what do you have planned instead?

Doya: You’ve missed all our summer ones, we’ve done all our summer sort of festivals, this is the last one for that.
Daniel: I think we’re going to be recording mainly, this winter.
Doya: An album or an EP.
Daniel: And then maybe some gigs later on in the year. Not sure, yet.
Doya: I think we might have a few in London, just a few. Tasters really, down there in late autumn.

Are there any particular gigs that you’ve played that always stick in your mind?

Both: Sound City!
Doya: Yeah, Sound City in Liverpool, that was great.
Daniel: Everyone just sort of, got it.
Doya: Yeah, we headlined the Yorkshire Music Stage. We got there and it was pretty empty, bit of a drag… But yeah, we got there and after the first note it was just packed out. Absolutely buzzing, we got really into it.

Daniel Nicklin // The Beaus @ Doncaster Live

Have you got any plans for an album? If yes, when roughly do you think it’ll be released?

Daniel: I don’t think it’ll be until next year, but we’ll probably be recording this year mainly.
Doya: Yeah, next year maybe? Possibly early spring.
Daniel: Plus, all the Christmas stuff’s gonna slow it.
Doya: Yeah, we’ve just got a big bag of tunes. Just got to record them and pick the best ones. The best ones to wear!

Last one, where do you see yourselves in five years time?

Doya: Haha, last time we were asked this question it was for this Mexican magazine… they translated it wrong. They asked us where we’d be, and we said “the biggest band in the world!”
Daniel: It translated as “we are currently the biggest band in the world.” So yeah, there’s a lot of Mexicans who think we’re fairly cocky!
Doya: Yeah but, no, in five years, we want to be managing properly, have a portfolio off the back of it. Maybe I might have like a used car dealership, just something ticking along in the background. A bit of second income, it’s important. It’ll keep the bank manager happy!