Masters In France – Inhale

Masters In France


Released: Sept 19 2011

Genre: Indie Rock

Label: Bone Dry Recordings

Rating: 2.5/5


By Chris Fishlock

After gaining a lot of support from Radio One, Masters in France unleash their debut EP via their own imprint Bone Dry Recordings.

For a band this early in their career, Inhale sounds very professional and well produced. Opening with the catchy and infectious Mad Hatter the EP is strong with a mix of tempos giving each track an original sound, such as the slower paced Orbitoclast.

Many tracks on this EP deserve to be on indie dance floors across the country with the EP having an overall very danceable sound, particularly in highlight track Greyhounds with its
fast moving guitar to go with the brilliant beats held by the drums and bass, the track sounds like Franz Ferdinand if they were making an effort to get a whole party dancing.

Masters In France use their mixture of instruments to make an incredibly ambitious and danceable EP with interesting ideas and commercial sounds it’s easy to see why Radio One are keen to keep an eye on this band.

Masters In France – Greyhounds