Comply or Die - Depths

Comply or Die


Released: Sept 05 2011

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Label: N/A

Rating: 3.9/5


By Dan Titcombe

Comply or Die offer a new twist to the alternative genre with their upbeat sounds and catchy rhythms. If you were to compare this band to a mixture of Clutch and the Artic Monkeys – that would be a fair comparison.

Their album Depths offers a fresh take on alternative/heavy music, with a collection of great tracks such as DMT, Vermin and I’m Sick (Of You) but there are a certain couple that stand out above the rest and make this album truly unique.

All the tracks on their album offer something innovative, but the stand out track amongst it all has to be Shanghaied – this track has an amazing drum piece which fits beautifully along with the incredibly catchy guitar riff. These features continue throughout and work brilliantly with the lead singer’s style and when the distorted guitar solo comes into the picture we are left with an all-round amazing track.

The next stand-out track on this album is Official Secrets; this track has a very heavy and familiar sound to it that seems to deliver that ‘oomph’ that so many songs seem to miss. Comply or Die use the raw guitar and drum recipe and they know how well it works as you can hear this winning combination on every track on this album.

Comply or Die have crafted something special with this record; Comply or Die may not be for everyone, but if they take your fancy then you are surly in for a treat when listening to Depths.

Comply or Die – Shanghaied