Diaries of a Festival Virgin / Bramham Park / Leeds

Part Two

By Dewi Powell

Sup Sound-Rev’ers!

Random disclaimer: This post is as unplanned as Liam Gallagher’s birth, but so was today’s £48 price tag on food and alcohol for Leeds. Bare with this, the unplanned happens.

I know I said I wouldn’t post until Tuesday night but I’ve had a fairly eventful day, festival wise anywho. It started in Tesco. I’ve always had the suspicion that it’s over priced but I’ve never intensively shopped around super-markets to compare prices, although after today it simply must be!

I had no idea how much food to buy for Leeds so I kept looking at my trolley then worrying I didn’t have enough. How wrong could I be? Check the bill! £48 for a bottle of yager-miester, 5 energy drinks, 3 pies, 4 tins of beans, 3 pasties, 2 packets of sliced chicken, 4 cookies, a loaf of bread (that can be used as a pillow- score!), 24 packets of crisps, a box of bite-size Shredded Wheat, 2 packets of borbon biscuits.

I (now) know I over-shopped but come on, that would last me weeks in uni! I live and learn, I’ll put the newly broken bank balance down to the festival experience. On to the music.

I’m not gunna know what’s what at Bramham Park and with James being a 10 million time Leeds veteran, he’s naturally been appointed my tour guide for the 5 days so I’ll be shadowing him like a stealthy ninja sheep. To help with preparation of what I’ll be watching and listening in Leeds, James has put together a tip top Spotify playlist of the bands we’re seeing, in order, so I’ve spent a few hours of today getting stuck into that.

Nothing on the playlist was too heavy, the heaviest was probably Your Demise but it wasn’t over the top and I’m looking forward to the atmosphere at their performance which should definitely be something I’m yet to experience. I really liked everything else to be honest. Minus Muse and Enter Shikari I’d have to say everything was under-ground/radar to me, so again I’m looking forward to hearing bands I haven’t heard before. There are too many bands to single out so check the playlist out.

The playlist had me feeling a tad adventurous regarding my range of listening so I decided to dig out and update my iPod for the first time since Albert Square became a regular on Britain’s boxes. Although the only band playing at Leeds on the updated version of my iPod are Muse, every album on it is one I haven’t heard before courtesy of music that James gave me months and months ago.

So I’m making progress in attempts to diversify… I just hope I don’t relapse and regret changing my iPod music, getting stuck with it on a 5 hour journey which would end up in me hating what’s on it.


For as long as my teenage years have been ticking over I’ve always been in a constant battle against my body clock. Despite being in the final year of my teens, it hasn’t changed. Ironically, for the first time I don’t mind as it’ll come in handy for the late nights and drinking during camping. I’m actually writing this while Channel5 continue to play roulette at 3.15am, who watches this?!?! Never fear, I won’t be suffering from exposure to RetardTV any longer as I’m about to finally head to my own bed for the last time for a week after this post.

I’ve got the bug now and I’m excited for Leeds Fest as my week starts tomorrow with the journey to James’ in Donny via Manchester and Leeds. I do realise I sound lame as it 2 days to wait for most people and 3 days for people without an early bird ticket. But don’t judge me, remember how excited you were to lose your festival virginity?