Enabler - Year One


Year One

Released: May 22 2011

Genre: Hardcore Punk

Label: Creator-Destructor

Rating: 3/5


By: Chris Fishlock

From the first second of Year One you ae thrown into the extreme hardcore punk sound that Enabler create, with opening track Mercenary which is over before you realised it had even begun. The album, from the recently formed hardcore band from Milwaukee, is made up of all their former releases. The hardcore punk scene right now is getting bigger and bigger but it’s rare to find a band that is this brutal, aggressive and this heavy to the point that metal fans could easily find something to like in the album, along with the deep shouting vocals. For an album made up entirely of guitar, bass, drums and vocals the band really do make sure every part is as loud as possible, creating a real assault of sound on the listener.

The tracks on the album are completely pounded out and at no point slow down, putting the listener on a fast and aggressive journey – fitting thirteen tracks in just over half an hour with eleven of the tracks under the three minute mark. Amongst the tracks is also a brilliant cover of Beastie Boys hardcore punk track Heart Attack Man from their 1999 album Ill Communication, making the track about ten times more aggressive than the already heavy track, it’s a highlight of the album and they manage to put a fresh take on the simple track.

There is a lot of hardcore punk out there right now and it’s hard to make a band stand out unless they are particularly special. There isn’t a lot of room for many new hardcore punk bands at the moment, but Enabler defiantly deserve their place in the scene. They may not be one of the most unique bands but they do manage to bring enough aggression to please most hardcore punk fans.