Gallows // ULU // London

23 July 2011

By: Chris Fishlock

On the 8th of July, Frank Carter, vocalist of Gallows announced he would be leaving the band, much to the distraught of Gallows’ dedicated fan base. But being a band as loud as Gallows are, no one is going to leave the band quietly – prompting the band to announce a short run of intimate dates concluding at ULU in London, to give Frank the proper send off he deserves. The atmosphere before the show was very foreboding, the crowd were pumped for action and are prepared for what they felt would surely be a memorable show, and Gallows gave them so much more.

Frank Carter // Gallows

After what seemed a long wait after doors opened the first band on were Bastions, taking to the stage with a large amount of energy it appeared a good start for the set. Unfortunately, by the end of their set they failed to keep their energy going, partly due to a lacklustre response from a lot of the crowd. One of the problems was that for a few songs, the bands vocalist started to lose his voice and the guitarist threw an almost full water bottle into the crowd, hitting someone in the face which created hostility between the audience and band. The second band to take the stage was another hardcore punk band by the name of 33, playing only 5 minutes after Bastions. 33 were squeezed in between the two bands leaving them to play a very short but enjoyable set. Having some great shout along tracks the band featured joint lead vocals, with one vocalist spending most the set in the middle of the pit – defiantly a band worth checking out live.

Taking to the stage to the sound of Amy Winehouse (who passed away earlier that day), Gallows jumped straight into Leeches, as the crowd started to tear the venue down. By the end of the track the size of the venue was already moshing, with many people already crowd surfing. The energy on the stage was incredible with Frank Carter giving it his best for one last time. The band continued to please fans with other great tracks such as London Is The Reason and first album favourites Come Friendly Bombs and Abandon Ship. It wasn’t long after Gallows took to the stage that Frank began diving into the crowd from the speaker stack. After just three songs there was already a group of moshers drenched in sweat at the bar drinking water – and they later got treated to massive circle pits that could barely contain themselves with the size of the small venue and a human pyramid later in the set.

Throughout the show Gallows continued to please the fans, bringing out rarely played live tracks such as Sick of Feeling Sick and Six Years, as well as introducing to the stage Eva Spence of Rolo Tomassi to guest on Black Heart Queen.  The band kept on delivering great tracks right up to end the night, with live favourites Gold Dust, Misery and I Dread The Night proving perfect songs to mosh to. Frank takes his last shouts as a member of Gallows to breakthrough track In The Belly Of A Shark before handing over the mic to anyone who wants it for a chaotic ending to Orchestra of Wolves, waving goodbye to a great and talented vocalist. After the crowd eventually dispersed out of the venue there were plenty of people saying that they had just experienced the best gig of their lives – this was one show not to be forgotten.