New Town Kings - M.O.J.O

New Town Kings


Released: July 18 2011

Genre: Reggae / Ska

Label: Bomber Music

Rating: 4.0/5


By: Chris Fishlock

After bringing us great albums recently from The Skints and Random Hand, Bomber Music have another fantastic band up their sleeves – New Town Kings. Having released their debut ‘Sound of the New Town’ way back in 2007, New Town Kings have finally returned with M.O.J.O, one of the greatest reggae albums for quite some time. There isn’t really a weak track on M.O.J.O, and every track, whatever the tempo is very danceable.

The LP is produced perfectly, with a great mix of instruments that create a great authentic ska sound. None of the instruments are too overwhelming, letting no element dominate the music, which gives us a well-mixed sound of horns, guitar, bass and drums. The songs are memorable and have you singing along after a few listens, particularly on highlight tracks Newstand and Dynamite. New Town Kings are clearly talented musicians as well as songwriters and their use of horns is certainly one of their more interesting aspects – bringing us some great horn lines, especially on Stop and closing track Brighter Days.

Many of the songs across M.O.J.O are unashamedly danceable; where ever you are listening to this record whether at home, work or out in public you will feel compelled to start skanking, which suggests they could have some pretty fun future live shows. As well as sounding like an authentic reggae band you also can tell the influence from the two-tone era of ska, and would fit nicely next to albums from The Specials or The Selector.

You’ll be making no mistake picking up this album, but make sure you have your dancing shoes on. It’s great to hear a reggae album this good that also works well as a complete album, as well as the songs working fine alone. And it’s especially impressive that such a good reggae album comes from a British band. The ska scene in the UK right now is becoming more vibrant than ever, and along with their record label companions The Skints and Random Hand, New Town Kings are another great addition to a great music scene.

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