Juffage - Semicircle



Released: June 6 2011

Genre: Post-Rock

Label: Function Records

Rating: 3.8/5


By: Chris Fishlock

Semicircle is one of the most unique albums released this year so far, with a sound so original it’s difficult to even label it with a genre.

The album is fairly short at just over half an hour but this is more than made up for by how fresh sounding the album is, after the music scene being filled by copycat bands it is very refreshing to find a musician who has created his own sound. Upon early listens of the album it is easy to dismiss it completely as a cluttered album of distorted sounds, but when you fully take the album in you really start to appreciate the creativeness of the album.

Rather than a collection of eight songs the album is more a collection of eight different soundscapes – giving a mix of multi-layered music and noise, much distortion with a mix of a variety of instruments (such as acoustic guitar and piano) as well as vocals hidden within the wall of noise Juffage has created.

Despite the massive overall distorted sound of Semicircle, it still sounds surprisingly rhythmic – showing that Juffage has carefully put together the album with a overall messy distorted sound but he has clearly taken care of the many layers in music on each track, from the clean sounding instruments and vocals to the layers of distorted synth noise. Juffage has taken what would seem an unmarketable style and has made it sound like he could be the next biggest thing.

By the end of Semicircle you start to become attached to it, with the slow violin and drum machine opening of highlight track HHV, even when only a small amount of layers are used the album still sounds brilliantly complicated yet calm at the same time.

Overall the album is incredibly creative and unique with an incomparable sound. The album has a great way of sucking you in and making you want to fall in love underneath the multi-layered sounds. The album is impressive and well thought out but it clearly is not for every music fan – but here the artist must be respected for creating his own sound and one can only wish every album was this original and we would have a much more exciting music industry.

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