Mount Kimbie - Carbonated

Mount Kimbie


Released: July 18 2011

Genre: Dubstep / Experimental

Label: Hotflush Recordings

Rating: 3.8/5


By: James Bishop

Carbonated is the final release from London duo Mount Kimbie‘s critically acclaimed 2010 debut full length, Crooks & Lovers.

While the EP doesn’t particularly cover any new ground, it contains two previously unreleased tracks to appease the pair’s growing army of fans awaiting new material, along with three remixes; one of Adriatic, and two of the title track.

One of the stand-out tracks from Crooks & Lovers, Carbonated begins with an almost wispy like build-up before descending into a melodic, piano driven beat, with background clicks and drips, before a cut-up female R&B vocal sample, a staple of the Mount Kimbie sound kicks in later in the track.

Recorded during album sessions and around the time of their Maybes EP release respectively, Flux and Bave’s Chords are deeper, more atmospheric cuts compared to the bouncy Carbonated. Flux is full of high pitched shrieks and warped sounds, with Bave’s Chords a slower number, combining dark claps and guitar strums to great effect.

Adriatic, taken from Crooks & Lovers and remixed by Klaus is a bassy, ghostly affair, with plenty of dark, fizzling cracks that give the track a real Burial-esque feel, which is certainly no bad thing.

Airhead, part of James Blake’s live band keeps parts of the original intact with his remix of Carbonated, using the build-up as the focal point of his mix, while Belgian producer & DJ Peter Van Hoesen takes the track in a completely new direction, with the main components of Carbonated virtually unrecognisable, but its techno vibes make it much more dancefloor friendly than any of the other tracks on the EP.

As previously mentioned, the release doesn’t go anywhere the duo haven’t been before but the solid remix package and new tracks should tide fans over, making Carbonated another good addition to the Mount Kimbie discography.

Mount Kimbie – Carbonated