White Denim // Il Motore // Montreal

04 July 2011

By: Terri O’Reilly
Photography: whitperson

Attending a White Denim concert is like hearing some of the greats of the late 60ʼs with their five minute solos of pure psychedelic/Americana rock bliss — awe inspiring to say the least.

Starting off the night with one of these famously made instrumental solos really showcased their talent as musicians right off the bat. The long drawn out southern charm, that is White Denim, held the crowd in captivation through what felt like a never ending song. But, as someone once said, all good things must come to an end.

White Denim // "pure psychedelic bliss"

The interweaving of song after song like a continuous rhythm was executed with such precision that it’s hard to believe the low attendance at Il Motore. Joshua Block, James Petralli, Steve Terebecki, and Austin Jenkins, are the Austin four-piece that clearly made a mark on the audience in attendance that night, and will notably continue to amaze others along the way.

White Denim are real musicians who play real music, where their instruments are an extension of their limbs, played with such grace that one becomes completely transfixed and in awe.

Watching White Denim is like seeing something beautiful for the first time – grabbing your attention right from the start. Half way through their set they played I Start To Run, an inevitable crowd pleaser, as well as Street Joy – lyrically beautiful but when paired with haunting vocal and sultriness of guitars their sound reverberated around the small venue in a matter of seconds.

The two supporting bands were Static Jacks, a five piece from New Jersey (home of the fist pump and saltwater taffy), and Mazes, a four-piece melting pot from across the globe. A slew of accents from the stage could be heard (New Zealand to the US to England) and this diversity was reflected beautifully within their music. It is evident through their instrumental fluidity that Mazes are a band with great potential, and they’ve clearly been at this for a while.