Everyone to the Anderson - The Man Born From Inside of a Horse

Everyone to the Anderson

The Man From Inside Of A Horse

Released: June 13 2011

Genre: Math-Rock

Label: Toy Solider Records

Rating: 3.8/5


By: Dan Titcombe

When you first start listening to Everyone to the Anderson it seems perfect. The drums maintain a solid beat, the guitars give off a good catchy rhythm – everything just seems very… Yes – until the singing starts. Everyone to the Anderson exert a unique but at the same time familiar feel; but their Adam and the Ants singing style they’ve adopted just doesn’t feel quite fitting.

One of the stand out tracks on The Man Born From Inside Of A Horse is Danzig High Flyer – which is highly memorable due to its contagious guitar riff. Danzing High Flyer keeps up a steady beat with enough diversity to keep you listening; again the singing seems a bit out of place, but when the song slows down and the beat drops everything seems to click – and we are introduced to a familiar but at the same time completely unique atmosphere where the bands true potential is showcased.

Overall, Everyone to the Anderson have brought a new and unique but at the same time nicely familiar sound with The Man From Inside Of A Horse. Granted the singing may feel a bit out of place at times, but after a couple of listens it starts to fit and you can hear what type of sound and musical direction the band are going for. This being said, it would be nice to see Everyone to the Anderson experiment a bit more with the vocals so they might stumble across the right tone and pitch that could really put them on the map – because after listening to this album it’s clear that these boys are not short of talent.

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