Copy Haho – Dying Breed

Copy Haho aren’t a new band by any means, releasing their critically acclaimed EP Bred For Skills & Magic all the way back in 2009. We’ve not heard a lot from them over the past two years, but finally they’ve got around to releasing their debut album – and it’s as good as we expected. Dying Breed is a choppy indie rock track from their debut album with simplistic, memorable vocals and raw guitar riffs.




Le Corbeau – Black Belvedere

The fifth track on the recently released album Moth on the Headlight by psychadelic Norwegian outfit Le Corbeau is Black Belvedere – a dark and spectral composition. Hush, menacing vocals overlay unnatural instrumental layers – as brass and string instruments play their part in evoking a frighteningly contagious orchestral piece. Le Corbeau isn’t exactly summertime pop music, but it’s superbly crafted deep and thoughtful music.



Airship – Kids

Kids is the recently released lead single by Manchester based Airship. There’s no doubt that Airship know exactly how to make captivating, feel-good rock music, and their forthcoming debut album Stuck In This Ocean will be eagerly anticipated by anyone with their ear to the ground. The rock/electronic crossover can be disastrous for many, but Airship have it nailed – without a doubt one of the more exciting outfits to emerge from Manchester recently.