The Kits - Lead Us Into Temptation

The Kits

Lead Us Into Temptation

Released: June 13 2011

Genre: Rock 

Label: Pop Crime Records

Rating: 4.0/5


By: Jack Oldham

It would be easy to assume that a band made up of three Australians and a Spaniard would produce an eclectic album for an acquired taste, wouldn’t it? In the case of The Kits‘ second album, Lead Us Into Temptation, it’s important to remember never to assume (you know how the saying goes) as what we have here is an album consisting of 10 solid rock and roll tracks.

Lead Us Into Temptation kicks off in stomping fashion with first track Open Season really setting the bar high for the rest of the album. Vocalist Kit Atkinson could be mistaken for an Australian Alex Turner here as he spits out opening verse “I’ve reached a limit, the point has come, I’m sentimental, my race is run”.

Recent single Wild At Heart picks up the pace with its rasping guitars and sharp vocals whilst Salvation carries on in a similar vein as Atkinson belts out “let me save the children’s lives”. These opening three tracks hark back to good old 1970’s rock and roll and set the tone for a thoroughly enjoyable album.

Whilst the appeal may wear slightly thin on tracks such as Detroit Feeling and Girl You’ve Got No Remorse, The Kits have enough about themselves to shake it up to make sure that there’s some variation on the album. The title track is a chilling track that builds up to an epic climax and isn’t too dissimilar to some of Razorlight’s darker moments. Album closer Ain’t No Wolf also shows that The Kits can do slow tracks just as well as they can do rock and despite not knowing who or what Atkinson is singing about with a chorus like “You may be a bitch, but you ain’t no wolf” you almost feel his pain.

The highlight of the album however, is The Jam-esque guitar heavy Modern Love which, with what sound like slightly dimmed vocals, really places an emphasis on the instrumental talents the band. The guitar hooks hit you at 100mph and before you know it all three minutes have passed in what feels like ten seconds.

In times where the music scene is dominated by R&B and electro records, it’s refreshing to hear an album like Lead Us Into Temptation suggest that all hope isn’t lost just yet.

The Kits – Salvation