We Are Wolves // La Sala Rossa // Montreal

27 May 2011

By: Terri O’Reilly

Let’s just say Montrealers really know how to throw a party. Copious amounts of alcohol, excitement which then leads to obvious and extreme rowdiness, lead singers kissing/licking guitar techs, crowd surfing while still playing an instrument, some strange movement that weʼll just call dancing, and last, but never least, an after-party which leads to the above mentioned being heightened until the small hours of the morning.

We Are Wolves

In celebration of Dare To Careʼs 10th anniversary, the Dare To Care Fest, was not only looked upon as a milestone, but a showcase of some of their fantastic artists. The Montreal record label, along with Grosse Boîte, itʼs little sister, have made quite a significant contribution to the music scene – as well as delivering some of the best local acts.

We Are Wolves, headlining the event at La Sala Rossa, played to a packed venue of true fans and friends. Supporting acts included Jimmy Hunt and Panache, who were notably great. Yet, the preeminent performance that evening was We Are Wolves, the noisy, heavy, electro-rock band comprised of Alexander Ortiz, Vincent Levesque, and Antonin Marquis.

The Montreal natives have been known to play with great intensity, and that was shown immensely. Whether performing to large festival crowds or, like in this case, at a small intimate venue; Ortiz, Levesque, and Marquis’ charismatic performance is at no point hindered.

Vague and Paloma were huge crowd pleasers, yet the most notable reaction came from Fight & Kiss. Needless to say the performance was exuberant and left the audience on a high. The hard working team of Dare To Care were encouraged to celebrate on stage by Alexander Ortiz during the encore which created that family affair that Dare To Care are true believers of.

We Are Wolves will be playing at NXNE with the likes of Braids, Superhumanoids, The Dodos, Cults, Royal Bangs and others in mid June. This band is definitely one to catch live – great stage presence, great musicality and an all-round brilliant band.