Herman Dune - Strange Moosic

Herman Dune

Strange Moosic

Released: June 6 2011

Genre: Folk / Indie

Label: Fortuna POP!

Rating: 3.5/5


By: James Murray

When a band has twelve albums to their name, you’d expect a pretty solid musical foundation. No surprises with Herman Dune, as their latest album Strange Moosic is a heart-warming display of mellow folk music recorded in the fittingly joyful city of Portland, Oregon.

After a decade of touring and recording, Herman Dune have worked their way into the Spotlight – from their origins in Paris to the homes of their influencers in America (Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry and David Berman to name a few). With the help of a few renowned faces, including that of the UK’s John Peel, Herman Dune have developed a Cult Status worldwide.

Strange Moosic is an album full of stories, tight musical composition and the most important ingredient – simplicity. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know is a fantastic opener to a record perfectly suited to warm summers days of driving, relaxation and freedom – which is expressed in the chirpy music video.

Considering Strange Moosic was the first Herman Dune LP where each track was recorded separately, and not tested in a live setting, the diversity of the album is minuscule – it seems the Herman Dune formula has sunk down so low over the past decade that track distinction has become somewhat inconspicuous. As a result of this the 41 minutes of Strange Moosic can seem much more lengthy, however, the individual recording of tracks makes for perfect listening when appearing on shuffle mode – or even for a bit of spontaneous listening.

Other highlights of the album include the up-beat Monument Park – a simple love song intensified by an interesting arrangement of instrumentals, including bongo drums and superbly executed acoustic guitar chords. The story-telling Lay Your Head on My Chest is a cosy track that illustrates the soothing nature of Strange Moosic.

For a laid-back, easy listening experience Strange Moosic is perfect. Herman Dune keep it light and simple in yet another memorable full-length.