Look, Stranger! - If You're Listening

Look, Stranger!

If You’re Listening

Released: June 13 2011

Genre: Alternative / Electronic

Label: Look, Stranger!

Rating: 3.0/5


By: Dan Titcombe

Look, Stranger! Are an electro/alternative band that use sound effects to aid the unique atmosphere of their music – and there’s good evidence of this in their EP, ‘If You’re Listening’.

The opening, record titled track, “If Your Listening” sets the LP off with a captivating beat and an all-round buoyant track – complete with up-beat piano and guitar riff which sets (what can only be described as a) Keane-esque feel.

As the EP continues and we progress into “Look Around You” a peculiar “rewind” sound effect ends the track with the same up beat tempo as “If You’re Listening” – as the track progresses, disappointingly, the two barely differ. If it wasn’t for the sound effect at the beginning, you may believe that you were still listening to the opening song.

Unfortunately “Dance Away” starts off with the same problem, but when the chorus kicks in we are introduced to a rather captivating guitar riff. “Dance Away” then adopts a different feel in comparison to the prior tracks on the EP. The vocals throughout this track are comparable to those of Matt Bellamy, sadly however, at times “Dance Away” does verge on repetitive with similar styles used throughout.

“Wade Out” is a sadder song than its predecessors, which uses a guitar riff to help set an almost therapeutic atmosphere. As “Wade Out” progresses the beat increases and more instruments and sound effects are employed until a “marching band” beat comes into the mix. The tempo of “Wade Out” changes throughout – it has a unique feel to it and certainly takes the highlight spot of the album – along with the opening track.

“Look, Stranger!” have utilized some unique sounds in this EP, but unfortunately and disappointingly the tracks sound too similar. If the band’s aim was to mould their songs together they have succeeded – but it does produce a lazy listening experience. Look, Stranger! have shown glimpses of some good potential in their tracks – they just need to experiment more in the future.

Look, Stranger! – If You’re Listening