Emmy The Great - Virtue

Emmy The Great 


Released: June 13 2011

Genre: Folk / Acoustic

Label: Capitol, Parlophone

Rating: 4.0/5


By: Dan Titcombe

The best way to describe Emmy The Great (or Emma-Lee Moss) would be a cross between Ellie Goulding and Norah Jones.

Emma’s album; Virtue, comes across as a very enjoyable listen – with a few truly exceptional songs.

Originally, the album started out as a purely third person project – but took on a personal tinge when Emma got caught up in her fiancé’s sudden religious conversion and the break-up of their relationship. As a result of this you can really sense her emotions coming through, and this has shaped this album in a positive way.

The first track on the album Dinosaur Sex starts off with a slow build up of flutes and atmospheric sounds until an acoustic guitar and violin kick in with a steady drum beat. Dinosaur Sex has a very slow tempo which is accompanied by Emma’s soft vocals.

A Woman, a Woman, a Century of Sleep is a very different song compared to the majority of tracks on the album. This song has a much darker undertone which really exerts Emma’s emotions. A Woman, a Woman, a Century of Sleep would seem to be an obvious future single choice.

The third track on the album is Iris, this song has a very 70s feel about it, it is up-beat and has a captivating rhythm built up of snare drums and bass lines. When the chorus arrives the tempo increases slightly, and so does the overall rhythm of the song. Iris is one of the happiest tracks onVirtue.

Creation is another track where you can really sense Emma’s emotions coming through. Creation has a dark undertone, which is present throughout much of the record. A unique feature to this track is that the dark undertone is maintained by a cello, which produces an animalistic sound – this song builds up as it progresses until it ends with an abrupt stop, leaving a soft fade of the cello.

Exit Night/ Juliet’s Theme is very similar to the opening track on the album – it has a very similar beat and instrumental set up, the tempo and rhythm of the song changes as the song progresses, and overall this song is a very enjoyable listen.

The penultimate track on the album North is one of the more melancholy tracks on the album – it has a slow tempo and beat to it. Throughout North you can really sense Emma’s passion and emotions – especially when she is joined by a piano and backing singers throughout the chorus.

Overall, Emmy the Great is a welcome addition to the modern music world. Virtue is a very enjoyable and emotional listening experience – and this album could very well put Emmy the Great in the musical spotlight alongside similar female vocalists such as Ellie Goulding.

Emmy The Great – A Woman, A Woman, A Century of Sleep