By: James Murray

Your Demise have got an interesting year ahead of them – as it’s recently been announced that they will be touring Europe with Letlive and Enter Shikari. Amongst their tour dates are several festival appearances at some of Europe and the UK’s biggest music festivals – and Sound-Revolution decided to have a little catch up with James Tailby, the Your Demise drummer, to discuss their tour and what we can expect from the lads both on the road and after.

Your Demise - Touring with Enter Shikari and Letlive in September

S-R: It’s been announced that you’ll be touring with Enter Shikari and Letlive across Europe in Autumn – How does it feel to be a part of that?

YD: It’s great man, we’re all super excited. We’ve been friends with Shikari for a while, and having already toured with Letlive this year, it should make for a real fun tour!

S-R: How did the touring opportunity come about – did Enter Shikari approach you personally? We hear you’re good friends…

YD: Yeah, I’m pretty sure they approached us personally about the tour. A couple of the dudes in YD are from the same place as ES, and have been friends for a long while, so a full European tour together has been a long time coming!

S-R: Obviously you’re pretty much touring non-stop for the remainder of this year, but do you have any plans to get back into the studio afterwards?

YD: Absolutely. We’re writing the record over the summer, whilst we’re on the festival run, with the intention of having it finished by the time the tour with Enter Shikari is finished. We’re looking to record pretty much straight after that tour is done, with a pencilled release date as the early months of 2012 I guess! It’ll be a banger, don’t you worry, we’ve got some real deal shit in the pipeline.

Your Demise - The Kids We Used To Be

S-R: It’s already been over eight months since the release of The Kids We Used To Be – now that you’ve been playing the tracks from that record live for a while, how do you personally think it compares to your previous releases?

YD: It’s the best thing we’ve ever done, by a bloody mile. Honestly, I barely even think of YD, pre-TKWUTB. Obviously we still play a couple of old songs, but The Kids We Used To Be is the strongest material we’ve written to date. The new album will be even better (obviously), but we won’t be playing any tunes from that for a little while!

S-R: It’s recently been announced that you’ll be making an appearance on the Lock-Up stage at Leeds & Reading, how does it feel to be sharing a stage gracing some of the biggest names in punk rock?

YD: It’s a dream come true. I first went to Reading Festival in 2003, and have been nearly every year since then, so to be playing it this year blows my mind. Not only that, but we’re playing the same stage as some of my favourite bands like Descendents, and Hot Water Music, so I’m stoked! There’s so many artists playing over the weekend that I’m real excited to see, I can’t wait!

S-R: You’ll be making plenty other appearances at festivals across the summer including Download and Pukkelpop – which one festival are you the most excited about?

YD: I’m going to say I’m probably most excited about playing Reading & Leeds, but other than that, Download last year was wild for us, so hopefully this year will top that, and we’re playing a bunch of fests we’ve never done before, so I’m just excited to be playing them! I’m pretty sure we’re playing the same festivals as Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, Kyuss, amongst others across the Summer, so I really can’t complain about anything y’know!

S-R: Finally, if you had to hit the roads of Europe in September with only three tracks by any band or artist – what would they be and why?

YD: Good question. I’ll go with whole albums, it’s a little easier!

Rancid – …And Out Come The Wolves
The Weeknd – House Of Balloons
Taylor Swift – Speak Now

That’s pretty much my favourite album of all time (Rancid), and 2 records I’ve been banging hard of late. Don’t judge me.

Your Demise – Scared of the Light