The Android Angel - Marble Sun

The Android Angel

Marble Sun

Released: June 6 2011

Genre: Indie Rock / Acoustic

Label: Sex Farm

Rating: 4.2/5


By: James Murray

The story behind Marble Sun is a rather nice one. Paul Coltofeanu, better known as The Android Angel is a musician that creates his music solely through desire and passion. As Coltofeanu explains in his blog, Marble Sun is the end-product of his dream – to head to New York and write a record. Once the record was recorded back in England, Coltofeanu made the record free to download, and you can find a download link here.

The opening track, Long Meadow, is named after an area in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. As would be expected from a track written in a park, Long Meadow focuses on relaxation, escaping the city and freedom. Distorted noise overlays slow drums and steady guitar riffs – a mellow track that ends in a frenzy of sound, perfectly setting up the much more up-beat Slippers that follows.

Slippers is the most energetic track on the Marble Sun LP, a representation of busy midtown Manhattan. fast paced drums and vocals power the track forward, and at points Paul Coltofeanu’s vocals break out of their narrow comfort zone – offering vocal diversity that just isn’t present throughout the majority of the album.

The obvious single choice and most captivating track of the record is Lafayette Bloomed Violet. A steady alternation between vocals and drums leads up to the almost unforgettable chorus – “What if I just like to keep it simple, and fall in love like no-one ever should“. Lafayette Bloomed Violent isn’t the most impressive, nor the most exciting track on the LP – but it’s the one track that, guaranteed, won’t leave your head for hours – whether that’s a good thing or not is questionable.

A highlight of the album is Brooklyn Bridge. It’s the only track not to be recorded in New York, and rather ironically – it’s possibly the strongest track on the LP. Layered vocals and melancholy keys lead up to a beautifully sung chorus. Brooklyn Bridge is the one track on Marble Sun that exerts emotion and a connection between Coltofeanu and his beloved New York.

LP closer Concealed Revealed takes a heavier, indie rock approach – the drum rhythms and fast-paced electric guitar riffs almost comparable to 90s Britpop. Concealed Revealed suggests New York has a healing power – and represents the meaning and representation of Coltofeanu’s trip: “All the negativity has washed itself away, miss it, I won’t miss it, I won’t think of it again”.

The Android Angel is a breath of fresh air. Music made for the sake of music – no political tendencies, subliminal messages or predictable composition – Coltofeanu has produced a record that music lovers can appreciate as an emotional account of memories and an outsiders appreciation of New York City.