United Fruit - Fault Lines

United Fruit

Fault Lines

Released: May 30 2011

Genre: Rock / Post-Hardcore / Punk

Label: United Fruit

Rating: 3.7/5


By James Murray

If you like hard-hitting, electrifying rock music, Glaswegian outfit United Fruit should probably be in your life. Take the upcoming sounds of British punk rock, the likes of The Computers or Hexes and fuse it with the nostalgic sounds of 90s grunge – you’re imagining something pretty close to Fault Lines.

The best way to describe United Fruit is guitar driven rock music, which is in its simplest form, exactly what Fault Lines is. Opening track Kamikaze sets the pace for the rest of the album. As the title suggests, it’s a destructive, heated LP. The fast-pace of the majority of the album can make it difficult to differentiate between tracks, United Fruit have kept variation to a minimum, but why not, it’s pretty fair to say the sound they’ve shaped works for them.

As for the production of Fault Lines – to say United Fruit are (somehow) still unsigned, it sounds pretty crisp. Fault Lines is purposely produced so that instrumentals dominate, but the vocals of Iskandar Stewart are at times lost amid the all-pervading guitars.

For a full-length, Fault Lines is pretty short, only just hitting the thirty minute mark – but each of the nine tracks has clearly been perfected. The lead track of the record, Go Away, Don’t Leave Me Alone, which is available on their bandcamp, displays United Fruit at their quirkiest. For perhaps the only time throughout the record vocals and instrumentals alternate, allowing Stewart to exude some emotion. The eccentric guitar riffs at points even bring up similarities to the long lost but still reigning kings of erratic riffs, Blakfish.

If United Fruit aren’t yet one of the most intriguing bands in Scotland, they’re certainly one of the noisiest. The Glaswegian four-piece are on tour now, and can be seen at a variety of dates across the UK and France.

Fault Lines is an energetic, full-of-life rock record. And considering United Fruit are still unsigned, surely this LP will get them noticed – or at least some attention from local record labels.