The Sound of The Mountain - The Child of Stereo In Mono

The Sound of the Mountain

The Child of Stereo In Mono

Released: April 18 2011

Genre: Post-Rock

Label: Stressed Sumo

Rating: 3/5


By: Chris Fishlock

The post-rock scene at the moment is currently booming with bands such as 65daysofstatic and Explosions In The Sky being bigger than ever, spawning more bands of the genre, but many just don’t get noticed. One of these bands is The Sound of the Mountain who formed in 2008, and although only having just under 100 likes on Facebook, the band have already made a record that sounds like they have been refining their sound for years and years.

One of the amazing things about post-rock is that the instruments really seem to talk to each other, and that is no different on The Child of Stereo in Mono. The multiple guitar parts coincide with each other as much as the thumping bass and drums on many tracks. This band is clearly a collective of accomplished and talented musicians, and they have proved it to us on this record. Over the six tracks on the album The Sound of The Mountain have created an impressive collection of soundscapes – with melodic guitars, powerful drumming and fitting bass lines.

This album is a great listen to all fans of post-rock, and will impress you when you remember that the album has only four musicians, and is nearly all guitars, bass and drums. No synths or electronics are present on this record. As post-rock continues to get bigger and more exciting, The Sound of the Mountain is certainly a band to keep an eye on.