Tame Impala & Yuck // Le Café Campus // Montreal

4 May 2011

By: Terri O’Reilly

The atmosphere, at Le Café Campus, buzzed with anticipation for the psychedelic 70ʻs pop-rock band Tame Impala.

Hailing from Perth, Australia, and bringing the sun and warm weather with them, the four piece are one of this year’s top rock contenders. They are currently wrapping up their US and Canadian tour of Innerspeaker, their widely acclaimed debut album of the pastiche genre. Gracing the stage with immense applause from the crowd and thanking the audience with what little French they knew, along with complementing the city (quite the charmers), commenced on a full blown trip into a fury of guitar riffs and creativity. With impeccable timing and perfection, seeing how much of their hype was fair, it was hard not to become a fan.

Tame Impala - Press Shot

Tame Impala - Press Shot

With The Kills playing the same night at Olympia, the venue was packed, and the audience was thanked by drummer, Jay Watson, joking about the fact. The long-time fans united with new ones, forming an equilibrium of awe and excitement throughout the evening. Alter Ego, Expectation, and The Bold Arrow Of Time were great crowd pleasers.

As the night was coming to its end an interesting fact of the band was enlightened – Tame Impalaʼs front man, Kevin Parker, explained they are not a band “who believes in encores. He said “We believe that there’s a beginning and an end”. Tame Impala then went on to end their set with the instrumental Island Walking and extended Half Full Glass of Wine.

Yawn, a quartet from Chicago, were the first to perform that night. They were a great support to the main act, even if the music didn’t fit all that well – it did however offer an interesting start to the evening. Summery beats and notable influences to the likes of Vampire Weekend, and The Drums could be heard throughout performances of Kind of Guy or Toys.

The second support band, with former members of Cajun Dance Party, was Yuck – from London, who’ve been making their name well known across the world. Dressed in denim, or the bold move of double-denim, the indie/lo-fi band had an already budding fan base in Montreal. A good group of people could be seen singing back The Wall and Georgia, while Suicide Policeman created a standstill for its haunting beauty which captivated the entire venue. Yuck are a band that are extremely talented and this is evident when they perform –  a very promising band for 2011.

Tame Impala and Yuck will hit the festival circuit again this June, along with certain stops in Europe and the UK. They are two bands that should not be missed during your festival participation.

Tame Impala – It Is Not Meant To Be [Live at Café Campus]