So, after a week’s break for Easter Sound-Revolution can once again introduce three new tracks into your weekly playlist. This week’s offerings perhaps don’t stray across the musical spectrum as much as usual — some rather traditionally composed tracks from three under the radar bands and artists.

Various Cruelties – Neon Truth

The debut single from Various Cruelties comes in the form of Neon Truth – feel good, soulful pop music. Various Cruelties have a striking resemblance to  The Spencer Davis Group – Liam O’Donnell’s exemplary voice putting a modern spin on 60’s pop music. Neon Truth is a superb demonstration of what Various Cruelties have to offer – vocally powered British pop. Perhaps VC could be a band to restore some people’s faith in the controversial but ever-present topic of conversation – ‘is pop music as good as it was 50 years ago?’ – if the answer to this is no, then Animal Cruelties could have a good chance of success.

True Widow – Skull Eyes

True Widow‘s, to say the least, rather elaborately titled album ‘As High as the Highest Heavens and From the Center to the Circumference of the Earth‘ has been bathing in favourable reviews for the past month or so now and Skull Eyes is, in our opinion, is the most likeable track on the record. True Widow create downbeat, post-rock. In all honesty, True Widow are pretty miserable sounding, but they create honest and emotive music – and at least it’s suitable with the miserable late Spring weather hitting those in the UK.

Clara Engel – Madagascar

Toronto born Clara Engel, sticking to this weeks traditional trend, creates music with no nonsense and no gimmicks. Engel sticks to minimal production to re-enforce the strength and dynamics of her vocals – and rightly so, and her voice is nothing short of brilliant. Engel creates music for fans of acoustic/folk music who like to let their imagination a little loose when pugging in their headphones. Instrumentals are used throughout Engel’s music rarely and thoughtfully – saved exclusively for the climatic moments to accompany her vivid lyrics.