Timber Timbre // Le Théatre Corona // Montreal

17 April 2011

By: Terri O’Reilly

A crowd of about three hundred gathered to see Timber Timbre, a band recently receiving much hype with their recent album Creep On Creepinʼ On, at Le Théatre Corona in Montreal. The grandeur of the 1912 theatre emphasised on the haunted characteristics found within the folk/blues trio’s songs.

Taylor Kirk, Mika Posen, and Simon Trottier, the group that make up Timber Timber, are all talented in their own right. They definitely receive extra points for how they continuously juggled from one instrument to another throughout each song. The Montreal and Toronto based band played crowd pleasers such as Creep On Creepinʼ On and Demon Host. Lyrics from Blackwater, “All I need is some sunshine, all I need is..” echoed irony through the darkness of the venue, and lightly reflected on the continuous hailing and rain outside. The stage was illuminated by three single red industrial looking lamps positioned precisely over each of the member’s instruments, amplifying the mood of the evening — leaving their performances breathless and the audience completely captivated.

There’s always that quiet hush that lulls over the crowd right before the artist or the band comes on, and when they finally do grace the stage the fans explode into rowdy applause. Yet, it was different for the Timber Timbre audience. Rightfully so they attract a pretty varied fan base: firstly, a remarkably large French crowd – then came the young wannabe hipsters, the tattooed clad, and lastly, and this was a strange one, the moms- to-be. Saying this, the audience was quite subdued. Perhaps it was the genre of music or the allure that they brought with them on stage that gave them our undivided attention. With two encores, one instrumental and There Is A Cure from their second album, Medicinals, they ended the evening on a high note, and leaving the crowd buzzing with anticipation for what’s to come from this Canadian band.

Timber Timbre certainly create an interesting sound, and it may not be for most listeners, but in concert they exemplify the means of a great performance: captivating, enjoyable, haunting and overwhelming. Currently touring in Europe, and making a stop at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, they are undoubtedly something that should not be missed on-stage.