Resolution 242 - Resurgence

Resolution 242 - Resurgence

Resolution 242

Resurgence EP

Released: March 11

Genre: Ska / Ska Punk

Label: Do The Dog

Rating: 3.5/5


By Chris Fishlock:

UK ska has been on the rise recently, bands such as The Skints, The King Blues, Sonic Boom Six, Mouthwash, Random Hand (I could go on all day) getting much more popular. As time goes on you would think there would be no room for new British ska bands to break through. However, Resolution 242 proved this theory wrong after their debut self-titled release last year, and they are still developing their own unique sound with the new Resurgence EP. All 3 tracks on the EP sound similar and are all just over 4 minutes long, giving the EP its own overall feel – with a heavy political theme throughout.

The EP starts with Pyramids and Poltergeists – opening with a bass line similar to that of ‘Waiting Room’ by Fugazi, as well as having post-hardcore style guitars playing combined with the general reggae style. The second track, Blueprints is the highlight of the whole EP, continuing a funky bass line but also getting heavier in parts, with a shouting chorus giving the track an angry feel (similar to Get Me by The Skints). The lead single Blueprints also features a great guest rap verse from Mr Wheelz.

Final track Speak of the Devil is heavy from start to finish, concluding the EP. The production is great, with an overall heavy sound that will be sure to make these songs incredible live. Resolution 242 are ones to watch as they start to create their own unique sound – setting themselves apart from the many other bands in the scene currently.