By James Murray:

Hailing from ‘the Highlands of Scotland’ Le Reno Amps create, in their own words, “Good music”. Their new album Appetite is out on April 18th. Sound-Revolution took some time to speak to Scott Maple about the new album, touring and all things Le Reno Amps.

Le Reno Amps // Press Shot

Le Reno Amps // Press Shot

S-R: Le Reno Amps seem to be a very active band in the studio, what are your personal feelings about Appetite compared to earlier releases?

LRA: We’re very pleased with how Appetite has turned out. We had a lot of strong songs, so we were able to add a bonus 6-track EP for early uptakers.

With Lindsey – our previous bassist, leaving after the touring commitments for our last record were fulfilled – and us having limited funds, we went back to ground and did the majority of this album ourselves. So on one hand we had the luxury of time to really go to town on the tracks, but on the other we were fighting against the sonic limitations of home-recording versus pro-studio.

At the end of the day I think we managed the right balance, sonically it’s not got as much sheen as our last effort (recorded with Andy Miller at Chem19), but musically it’s got more depth and scope.

S-R: Would you say Appetite is a development on your earlier sound? What did you do with this album to make it stand out?

LRA: We’ve brought in elements of all our previous recordings to this record – from our debut LP (us writing and recording as a duo, choral-style vocals), through ‘So For Your Thrills…’ (Country-tinged songs, introducing other players to the mix) to ‘Tear it Open’ (Rockier numbers, performed with a ‘full band’ rather than a duo). So yes, it’s a development – we’ve (hopefully) taken the best parts of our previous ventures and melded them together.

As for making it stand out – well you’ve said yourself that it’s difficult to tag, we’ve created our own genre, so we’re outstanding in a field of our own.

S-R: The artwork for Appetite certainly catches the eye; can you explain your thoughts behind it?

LRA: Skulls and Breasts.

Le Reno Amps - Appetite // Album Artwork

Le Reno Amps - Appetite // Album Artwork

S-R: There’s not really a genre tag that could be easily associated with Le Reno Amps, so how would you describe your own music?

LRA: When people ask what kind of music it is, we often answer flippantly – “Good music”.

Rather than try to write a ‘rock’ album or ‘country’ album, we try to write an album of good songs. We’re into a wide range of music, so that must feed into our songwriting. It’s completely organic and whilst it’s not an attempt to fit to any kind of genre, it’s equally not an attempt to not fit any kind of genre. Capisce?

…and I mean, at the end of the day we play drums, bass, guitar and vocals, so just how different can the songs be? It’s not like we crack out the Tuvan throat singing, banging techno or chamber orchestra.

That’s the NEXT album!

Le Reno Amps – Bad Blood

S-R: Once the album is released what are your plans – can we expect tour dates or any festival appearances?

LRA: Well, we’re doing gigs around Scotland for sure – we already took a trip up to the highlands and we’re playing around the central belt in the week of release. Not having a dedicated band (remember, we’re technically a duo with a cast of supporting players) makes logistics harder than we’d like for longer tours further from our Glasgow base. Jason, our drummer, lives up North and has commitments with his own band, Cuddly Shark. Mandy, our current bass player extraordinaire is based in Glasgow but she also has commitments with her band, Super Adventure Club, so it’s a balancing act and one that we’re still perfecting.