Hotflush - Back And 4th

Hotflush - Back And 4th


Back And 4th

Released: April 4 2011

Genre: Dubstep / House / Electro

Label: Hotflush Recordings

Rating: 4.3/5


By: James Murray

Paul Rose, better known as Scuba, has been moving all things dubstep forward with his own Hotflush record label. What began in 2003 as a new, unheard of project has evolved into one of dubsteps most prolific and respected record labels, boasting the names of some of the most innovative producers in dance music.

Production duo Sepalcure open the compilation with experimental track Taking You Back. Sepalcure are an interesting electronic act, their highly distinguishable dubstep/house crossover style never fails to create an obscurely melodious sound, regardless of the duo’s productions being so incomprehensibly intricate. Taking You Back is no exception, a cluster of contrasting elements bound together to exert a powerful track – equally memorable to recently acclaimed releases such as their Fleur EP.

One part of influential drum & bass duo Instra:Mental, Al Bleek, has recently focused on productions under his solo alias Boddika. Bleek’s most identifiable track to date, present on Back And 4th is Warehouse – an electro / tech-house track ideal for the early morning hours of a grungy bass night.

When it comes to radical urban bass music, Back And 4th demonstrates the potential future for the ever-present sound. As well as the electro influences apparent throughout the record, all sorts of styles are manipulated. Falty DL’s contribution Regret takes progressive EDM to a new level. The first half of the track wouldn’t sound out of place on a recent Chemical Brothers track, driven by rhythmic percussion before breaking down into a wave of prolonged bass and elaborate snares.

The latest sounds from label owner Scuba come under the title of new track Tense. Perhaps not as innovative as the majority of tracks on the undeniably brilliant Triangulation LP, however, Scuba still demonstrates clear experience and creativity in his productions.

As well as the range of original productions on the compilation, the inclusion of remixed tracks by the likes of James Blake, Roska and 2562 make this record a must-have. James Blake’s remix of Maybes by Mount Kimbie is one of the highlights of the album. The quirky yet harmonious fashion of Blake works fittingly with the ambient, hip-hop influenced dubstep sound of Mount Kimbie.

There’s no doubt that Hotflush are at the forefront of inventive bass music, as they continue to develop their range of already intriguing artists. Back And 4th is a sublime insight into the impending future of dubstep. If any sole record label will be accredited for the future movement of underground electronic music, you’d be pretty safe putting your money on the team at Hotflush.

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