Memphis - Here Comes A City

Memphis - Here Comes A City


Here Comes A City

Released: Apr 4 2011

Genre: Indie Pop/Rock

Label: Arts & Crafts

Rating: 3.5/5


By: Jack Oldham

Take Death Cab for Cutie’s plodding summer melodies, add a dash of MGMT’s softer psychedelic side and you’re somewhere close to Memphis’ third offering, Here Comes a City. Imagine The Klaxons on sedatives, if you will.

With comparisons like these, Here Comes the City surely can’t fail to deliver, can it?

Well, yes and no. With the exception of the instrumental album opener (and title track) the first few tracks really catch your attention. Apocalypse Pop Song is a wonderfully upbeat track which displays Memphis’ brilliant ability to make even the darkest of topics sound happy. Whilst the chorus of It’s the end of the world today/Because we said so really shouldn’t be something that you tap your feet and smile to, I challenge you to avoid it.

The same can be said for Wait!, a tale of a broken heart which successfully manages to avoid going down the path that so many other songs do and once again, finds you clicking your fingers and tapping your feet.

Unfortunately whilst the aforementioned tracks – along with a few others, including I Want The Lights On After Dark – are moments of brilliance, the album struggles at times and is frustratingly inconsistent.

The stoner-pop of Four Loops sounds like an MGMT b-side (not necessarily a bad thing) and just seems out of place at track four. Talking of out of place, this brings me to Reservoir, a seven minute instrumental which if executed well, could have been the real focal point of the album. Unfortunately it seems to be building up to a non-existent climax and pales into insignificance.

Sadly, this sets the tone for the final few tracks of the album. With the exception of the previously mentioned Wait!, the final two tracks on the album are largely forgettable. Way Past Caring does salvage some credit with a brass section at the end, but the album closer m+e=me is massively underwhelming.

Whilst you can’t knock a band for experimenting, it’s sometimes best to stick to what works. When Memphis adhere to this advice, the results are beautiful.

You can stream the album here.