VYGR- Hypersleep

VYGR- Hypersleep



Released: Mar 15 2011

Genre: Metal

Label: Creator-Destructor

Rating: 2/5


By Chris Fishlock

Hypersleep starts off as an ambitious album but VYGR could benefit by bringing more musical ideas to their album rather than playing the same guitar sound for almost an hour to the point it’s almost enough to put listeners into Hypersleep. The dull, monotone sound of the album continues throughout, leaving a lack of excitement for the listener – which is a shame when the more melodic guitar sounds and odd use of synth bring something interesting to an otherwise fairly tedious album. The album is much stronger on the shorter instrumental tracks such as Orbital which are a large contrast to the repetitive drone of the guitars for the majority of the album.

An issue with this album is the vocals, which add to the grey sound of the album – VYGR are obviously going for a heavy sound for the album complete with the sort of groans often used in metal, however, the vocalist often does this badly and sounds like he is trying overly hard. Sometimes it is better to add cleaner vocals rather than fail at a rawer shout.

The album mostly moulds into one without much deviation between the tracks – all of which are full of very lacklustre use of guitar and vocals. Occasionally the album succeeds when the band create shorter instrumental tracks, as well as the 8 minute epics such as Event Horizon which also give space for the band to experiment instrumentally. The album is extended far too long considering the similarity between many of the tracks which fail to bring much excitement to the album – an overall unenjoyable experience with a few hidden elements where the band excels instrumentally.

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