In the third edition of Essential Listening Sound-Revolution presents three brilliant forthcoming tracks -a mixture of bass music, indie and folk.

Boxcutter – LOADtime

Barry Lynn, better known as Boxcutter is one of many huge dubstep talents releasing material on Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings. The boundaries of dubstep are being pushed and manipulated as much as ever, and with LOADtime boxcutter demonstrates how a track can be completely unique, but never stray far from its original purpose – to be executed on the dancefloor.


Sarabeth Tucek – Get Well Soon

The dreary and mellow nature of Sarabeth Tucek is the perfect music for complete relaxation. New York based Tucek has an incredible voice – for fans of vocal/acoustic folk music her forthcoming album Get Well Soon should certainly be explored. Big things are expected from Sabareth, already having her name placed aside Brian Bell’s from Weezer in his new project The Relationship. Look out for the new album Get Well Soon released in the UK on April 11th.


Cold Mailman – Pull Yourself Together and Fall In Love With Me

Last but certainly not least is this gem by Cold Mailman. Out on February 14th, Pull Yourself Together and Fall In Love With Me is a beautifully executed indie pop record. The preogressively uplifting instrumentals evoke mixed emotions as the dreary male/female vocal combination at no point escalates. The album Relax; The Mountain Will Come To You is out now on Fysisk Format.