Horse Guards Parade - Ten Songs

Horse Guards Parade - Ten Songs

Horse Guards Parade

Ten Songs

Released: Apr 11 2011

Genre: Psychadelic Rock / Folk

Label: Piccadilly

Rating: 3.9/5


By James Murray

The directness of a ten track record named ‘Ten Songs’ at first seems crudely unsophisticated. After listening to the debut album from Horse Guards Parade it becomes clear that what at first seems bizarre is actually very relevant. ‘Ten Songs’ is a psychedelic rock record with no signs of over-production, fashionable eccentricity and certainly no strings attached.

The opening riffs of Everybody’s Going Back To Your House emit vibrations similar to those of Britpop bands such as Doves. Vocalist James Waudby keeps his voice at the core of each track – at times gruff but powerful, dissimilar to Stereophonics’ Kelly Jones or a less melodious Neil Young.

Horse Guards Parade create a dated sound, perhaps not as dated as the origins of London’s Horse Guards Parade (of which the band shares its name), but this record wouldn’t sound completely out of place thirty years ago. Lively drums and short riffs set an aural landscape of proud stallions and patriotism in As The Plane Lifted Its Wheels. With lyrics of redemption and reprisal of desire, Horse Guards Parade keep Ten Songs simple but relatable – “And when the pain is passed, and all the paint is cracked, oh don’t you need me now?”

In contrast to the up-tempo nature of the opening tracks on the record, as Ten Songs progresses Horse Guards Parade introduce a more folk orientated style. Since You Fell Of My Axis adopts typically folk-esque guitars and sluggish, yet prominent as ever, vocals.

Recently touring with the likes of Jarvis Cocker and Pavement, including an appearance at All Tomorrow’s Parties, The Hull based rock outfit are moving forward at pace. Regular airtime on BBC 6music and a session for BBC introducing have been some of many achievements of Horse Guards Parade of late, and their debut album is the latest.

Horse Guards Parade – As The Plane Lifted Its Wheels