Following the release of the brilliant Seething Is Believing (reviewed here) it was only right for Sound-Revolution to catch up with the Leeds group to find out was behind the new album and what we can expect in the future. Thanks to bassist Joe Tilston for talking to us:

Photography by Adam Gassan

S-R: Seething Is Believing hits the shelves late March. Your fans have been waiting for this since last summer, do you feel pressured by the release delay and are you happy with how it’s turned out?

RH: We were more confident about this album than any previous releases, even before we recorded it, so the wait hasn’t knocked our feelings about it. We’re just itching to know what everyone thinks of it and 7 months is a long time to wait for feedback!

S-R: Seething Is Believing sounds somewhat different to previous records, perhaps heavier. Would you agree that your sound has adopted or progressed since Inhale/Exhale?

RH: A lot has happened since Inhale/Exhale, relentless touring and a change to the line up are inevitably going to effect what we do. We made what essentially feels to us, a punk album, both honest and hard hitting. What people take from it with regards to progression and improvement is down to them really. It’s much harder for a band to be objective when making statements like that about their own music.

S-R: Are there any musical influences that you’d say affected the song writing and production of your new album?

RH: Having a new member has no doubt changed the balance and approach to the writing, Sean just wanted to get involved and write some music he loved playing so we obliged and wrote something we all wanted to rock out to. I couldn’t specifically sight any musical influence that has effected this album, but on the production front we wanted to make the album the most honest representation of what we do live, where with Inhale/Exhale we didn’t hold back on any production tweaks and over dubs we wanted to steer well clear of anything like that on Seething Is Believing. The back line was done live and in the track order you’ve been given it, and we approached all the over dubs the same, in track order and nothing we wouldn’t be able to pull off lie.

S-R: You’ve got many tour dates lined up from April onwards, can you give Sound-Revolution any information regarding festival appearances?

RH: We’re off out with the King Blues and Sonic Boom Six for the beginning of April which we’re very excited about, followed by a short stint in Belgium and France. When we return from France we do a run of shows with Fishbone and a one off show in Moscow! Taking my mind beyond April is a bit of a struggle, but the festival shows are starting to come through, nothing juicy confirmed just yet, but we’re definitely playing Rebellion this year and a festival called Boomtown fair which is shaping up really nicely.

S-R: After the albums official release the focus will surely be on touring. Are you nervous or excited about sharing the new album with fans? What do you think their reaction will be?

RH: Definitely excited about playing the new songs, most of them have had a good airing already and they have gone down pretty well. People singing the lines back before the song has ended is always a good sign!

S-R: Releasing Seething Is Believing to a worldwide audience is a great achievement. Do you think the record label complications have now settled down for the better?

RH: We’re definitely in a posotive position now. The original plan was record it and get it straight out, which would have been great at the time, but having this extra time to plan the release more has left us in a stronger position with it all.

S-R: When Sound-Revolution interviewed Random Hand last summer we concluded with your 5 top records. What would your favourite records be at the present?

RH: A question like this always ends up feeling like the most difficult… what on earth am i listening to at the moment. I actually made a huge effort this year to listen to all the stuff we get handed on tour. Every time we finish a tour i end up with 17 CD’s that go on a pile and never get played, because i didn’t have a CD player or the time. but we came up with the genius plan of setting up a stereo in the kitchen and now every time i’m cooking has a different soundtrack, and we’ve found some real Gems. The Stitch Up ‘Set your alarm’ has to be one of my favorites, along with ‘Happy Days with the…’ Babylon Whackers. Broken Nose and Tyrannosaurus Alan’s albums have both been getting healthy amount of air time as well, go check em out!

Watch the new video for single ‘Bones’ below, taken from Seething Is Believing.